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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

(… well, approximately 12 years ago in Yorkshire, anyway)… I began my pursuit of a career in Psychology. At times this perilous journey in Psychology has felt as though I was living through an epically long Tolkein-inspired Peter Jackson trilogy. The first part involved a variety of educational conquests (school exams, university degrees etc.), where I was brimming with excitement about moving away from home and had a naive optimism about the journey ahead.

The second instalment was a marsh land of various under-paid jobs and gruelling shift-work in psychiatric hospitals. A string of unsuccessful interviews made it seem that this was where my quest in Psychology was to come to an end, and left me questioning whether this was the right path after all.

Then the finale of the trilogy came together in completing a doctorate to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. I feel that after writing a doctoral thesis and surviving a Viva, I have a new-found understanding of the relief felt by Frodo after casting the one ring into the fires of Mount Doom.

it's over it's done - frodo - quickmeme

Not intended to put anyone off… It was totally worth it! Although still in the midst of waiting lists and stretched mental health services, the Clinical Psychologist gig is so rewarding and I have the privilege to work with some absolutely incredible colleagues, young people and their families.

Looking back on this Clinical Psychology journey, my main reflection is it’s a bit like when you say to someone you are going to watch all the Lord of the Rings extended editions in one sitting… lots of people may say it’s unlikely you’ll get all the way to the end. But keep going. As we know, it is possible, it just takes a lot of perseverance (and some sacrifice of sleep and social life). I hope perhaps that this blog may be a bit of a helping hand along the way for those who are on similar paths. It is worth the marathon, just keep swimming!


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