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Psychological formulation is the cornerstone of psychological therapy. It uses psychological theory to hypothesise what factors may have contributed to an individual’s mental health difficulties. We’re bringing in our favourite characters from the silver screen to show how formulation works!

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The Psy Fiction blog aims to take readers on an adventure to learn about the different types of psychological formulations, starring the heroes we love and villains we love to hate. Find out more about what psychological formulations are and what to expect from Psy Fiction posts.

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Clinical Psychologist, trying to find a productive outlet for my inner movie nerd. Find out more about my journey so far.

Blog posts

A Stranger Things CAMHS Formulation: Turn it up to Eleven

1st October 2022

Low Self-Esteem CBT Formulation: Encanto’s Surface Pressure

14th January 2022

Phobia CBT Formulation: Marge Simpson’s Fear of Flying

20th April 2021

Anxiety Cognitive Formulation: Facing Fears in Finding Nemo

15th March 2021

PTSD Cognitive Formulation: Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived

8th February 2021

Panic CBT Formulation: Iron Man, An Anxious Avenger

9th August 2020

Longitudinal CBT Formulation: The “Mad” Queen

29th June 2020

5 Ps Formulation: The Dark Side and the Light

15th May 2020

Situational CBT Formulation: Like an onion, it has layers

13th April 2020


I am (sadly) not a psychology celebrity super genius and so have not created the idea of formulation or the formulation models I will write about. I will be using established evidence-based formulations, which are frequently used in clinical practice. These are underpinned by psychological theory and have been developed by many wonderful practitioners and researchers, whom I will reference. All views and opinions are my own.


The aim of this blog is for informal educational purposes only. However, some of the things discussed may resonate with your own experiences, so please do what you need to keep yourselves safe and well. If you are affected by any of the issues discussed in the blog and feel you need further support, please do seek help and advice from appropriate services, such as your GP or local mental health services. Other reputable mental health support helplines can be found on the NHS website:

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